A Note From The Producer

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Coloradans should not hesitate to take pride in the state’s vast and varied energy industry.Colorado’s diversity in energy sources and supplies make it the envy of many energy producing states as none can match Colorado’s leadership in fossil fuel and renewables.

But with great diversity in energy sources comes great diversity in opinion.

Colorado is often considered ground-zero in the debate over hydraulic fracturing, the growth of renewables and the political support needed to support infrastructure and clean energy technologies.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At Empowering Colorado, our mission is to present balanced content that does not favor one industry segment over another. Energy gives us power and power drives prosperity. Taking sides ignores outcomes.

Further, it is our intent to make the most of the unique, discussion-friendly mediums of radio and podcasting. By digging into complicated issues and interviewing newsmakers, we can help listeners make informed decisions about energy,  energy policy and the lawmakers who craft it.

We encourage your support and welcome inquiries about sponsorship opportunities. Our forum on energy provides a highly effective medium to build brands, raise product awareness and connect with listeners. We will reach opinion leaders, policymakers and all Coloradans with an interest seeing Colorado’s position as an energy leader sustained.

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