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Who We Are

Empowering Colorado is a non-partisan voice for energy in all its forms. Its goal is to inform Coloradans about energy and the crucial role it plays in our state.

Hosted by a veteran team of energy professionals, journalists and thought leaders, Empowering Colorado looks at energy from all sides. It drives the critical  discussions about impacts, infrastructure and intent. And it does it with wit and regard for its audience. Join the conversation today.

Colorado’s rich history of energy and natural resource development provides the backdrop for today’s energy conversation. For more than 100 years, sharp, visionary leaders have tapped into this state’s abundant natural resources to move Colorado to the forefront of petroleum, natural gas, coal, wind, solar and hydro energy and the amazing technology that brings it all to life.

Colorado now claims leading roles in technology, aerospace, tourism and, of course, agriculture. The impact of the state’s energy industry on our state’s economy and our quality of life cannot be overstated. From the price of gasoline, to the petroleum products essential to our daily lives, to the jobs that keep our economy pumping, to the tax revenue that supports our schools and our safety, Colorado’s energy industry is crucial to the fabric of our state.

Misunderstanding and a lack of reliable, unbiased information is regrettably too common in today’s busy world. Energy must be developed and produced on a scale so vast, with potential risks so visible, that many find it overwhelming and too complex to understand. A new way of looking at energy, in all its forms, is needed.

Empowering Colorado opens the door to new insights on Colorado’s energy business. Its goal is to provide understanding and appreciation of energy and the important role it plays in all our lives. Our stories cut through the politics and partisanship. Our interviews add to the energy conversation. With neither favorites nor axes to grind, Empowering Colorado is a fresh take on a powerful topic.

Energy is everywhere, join the conversation.

Listen and engage with us Monday’s, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, on KLZ-560 AM. And, look for us on social media to share our story.

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