Empowering Colorado Partnership Agreement

As partners of Empowering Colorado, we support the mission of the 501(c)3 nonprofit journalism project to provide unbiased, independent news coverage of all facets of energy development in Colorado.

We acknowledge: 

  1. Colorado’s media landscape is evolving and support of nonprofit journalism is a viable way to provide balanced coverage of energy development — an often hard-to-understand topic essential to Colorado’s economy, health and lifestyle. 
  2. Empowering Colorado will engage with media around the state to provide content and resources necessary to provide coverage of energy development. 
  3. Empowering Colorado will generate operating revenue through donations, grants, strategic partnerships, paid sponsorships, data management and non-editorial communication services. 
  4. All strategic partnership agreements will be reviewed and approved by Empowering Colorado’s Board of Advisers to ensure editorial content is developed free from fear or favor and in accordance with journalistic best-practices. 
  5. Empowering Colorado’s fiduciary operations are managed through a fiscal sponsorship awarded by the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. 
  6. Partner organization is a nonprofit, government agency, educational or research institution, business association, or similar.

We authorize:

  • The use of our logo(s) on Empowering Colorado’s websites, newsletters, social media and other collateral to show community support for the endeavor and encourage the development of relationships and partnerships necessary to promote the mission of Empowering Colorado.
  • Being listed as an Empowering Colorado partner and member of the “Colorado Energy Journalism Consortium” on Empowering Colorado’s websites, newsletters, social media and other collateral.