Empowering Colorado Journalism Projects

The following projects represent the unique in-depth journalism and strategic partnerships for which Empowering Colorado is seeking support. For information about how you can provide support click here.

Developing Diversity in Colorado’s Energy Industry

Empowering Colorado will host a reporting fellowship to analyze the current environment and overriding issues surrounding diversity and equity in energy in Colorado. The three-month project will focus on Colorado’s energy workforce, access to energy resources and initiatives and policies designed to address these issues.  Content will be presented as part of a multi-part, in-depth series complemented by programming and events produced by partner organizations. Read More 

Colorado Energy Journalism Consortium

As partners of Empowering Colorado, members of the Colorado Energy Journalism Consortium support the mission of the 501(c)3 nonprofit journalism project to provide unbiased, independent news coverage of all facets of energy development in Colorado. We acknowledge Colorado’s media landscape is evolving and support of nonprofit journalism is a viable way to provide balanced coverage of energy development a sector vital to much of Colorado’s economy, health and lifestyle. Read More  

Covering Colorado Energy News, Research and Technology

Empowering Colorado seeks to create news bureaus in three locations across Colorado where journalists can easily interact with energy professionals, researchers, technologists and academic institutions driving the future of energy development. The journalists would work virtually or on site and cover the Energy Institute at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden and Colorado State University in Pueblo. Read More

Beneficial Electrification in Colorado

Beneficial electrification is an emerging trend across the United States to replace direct fossil fuel use with electricity in a way that reduces overall emissions and energy costs.  In Colorado, energy officials are working to identify market trends and opportunities to encourage a transition toward electrification. Empowering Colorado will compile data, conduct interviews and explore the opportunities, strategies, policies and obstacles surrounding the movement toward beneficial electrification. Read More