Empowering Colorado Freelance Journalist Hiring Policy

Empowering Colorado periodically hires freelance journalists to report on energy development and energy-related issues.  Because reporting on these topics often requires a level of expertise and experience, Empowering Colorado will hire journalists who have reported for energy-related trade magazines or provided content to energy companies or energy-related businesses.  To ensure the independence, fairness and integrity of our reporting, all prospective freelance journalists will undergo a thorough vetting by Empowering Colorado to ensure they adhere to the following guidelines. 

  • Freelance journalists must fully disclose current and prior employment and associations with any entity(s) tied to energy development. 
  • Freelance journalists working for Empowering Colorado are not allowed to concurrently work or be on the payroll of an energy-focused company or organization. 
  • Journalists who have previously worked for an energy-focused company or organization will not be excluded from working for Empowering Colorado.  However, the journalist must fully disclose their involvement so it may be considered during the hiring process. 
  • Journalists must agree to follow the ethical guidelines developed by the Society of Professional Journalists. 
  • Empowering Colorado will fully disclose all relevant information related to a reporter’s background and experience when publishing the news coverage developed by its journalists.