Opinion: Balance and Transparency: The Case for Enhanced Energy Journalism

Developing energy policy and providing regulatory oversight over energy companies in Colorado is a nuanced and complicated process. By design, it is influenced by business, political interests and advocacy organizations. To maintain some semblance of representative government, the system relies upon advocacy organizations to speak for segments of society and weigh-in on the potential impacts of policies and/or regulations. Many of these organizations work tirelessly on behalf of their members, constituents or target audiences and provide helpful input on legislation and regulatory matters. 

To many lawmakers, allowing laymen to actively participate in the process would gum up the works…This is where news media, comprised of experienced journalists, plays an important role. Aware of the issues at stake and the nuance involved in policy matters, reporters and editors know when important issues merit news coverage and the public’s attention.

You have the power to charge, and change, the world

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We hope it’s not lost on you, dear reader, why we named our site “Empowering Colorado.”  

We journalists love nothing more than a good play on words. We are an energy news website. EmPOWERing Colorado. Get it?  

But beyond the potential for wordplay, this title has another deeper meaning. 

Over the past year, we’ve tried to help you feel smarter about energy. We’ve tried to explain how  elected officials are working diligently to solve a myriad of energy issues  including those  related to climate change  and an inevitable transition to cleaner fuels.