You have the power to charge, and change, the world

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We hope it’s not lost on you, dear reader, why we named our site “Empowering Colorado.”  

We journalists love nothing more than a good play on words. We are an energy news website. EmPOWERing Colorado. Get it?  

But beyond the potential for wordplay, this title has another deeper meaning. 

Over the past year, we’ve tried to help you feel smarter about energy. We’ve tried to explain how  elected officials are working diligently to solve a myriad of energy issues  including those  related to climate change  and an inevitable transition to cleaner fuels.

Aspen hoping to lead the way in difficult climb to a cooler climate

Photo by Evan Wise/Unsplash Images

Aspen got national attention in 2004 when it launched a program called the Canary Initiative that aimed for greenhouse gas reduction. This summer, a time of smoky skies and heat in the mountain resort that at one point surpassed temperatures in sub-tropical Florida, city officials have decided those original goals fell short of what is needed. 

They want to pick up the pace. Reducing emissions can’t wait. “We don’t have any fires right here right now, but the impact of fires across the West, the drought, the rising temperatures that everyone is suffering from—these provide very tangible examples of what we can expect to see a lot more of if we don’t take some very significant and aggressive actions,” said CJ Oliver, the city’s director of environmental health and sustainability. Other communities in Colorado have similarly acknowledged the urgency for transformation.