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For more than 100 years, sharp visionary leaders — together with a dedicated workforce — have developed Colorado’s abundant natural resources into a broad range of energy capable of powering the region’s economy.

Today, among energy-producing states, Colorado is at the forefront of development in the areas of petroleum, natural gas, coal, wind, solar, hydro energy and the technology used to bring it all to life.

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But the story of Colorado’s robust energy development carries with it new challenges in the areas of safety, environmental protection, regulation and workforce development — and new solutions in the form of cutting-edge technology and land-use management.


To tell this story and ensure Colorado residents and lawmakers fully understand the impact of energy development, Empowering Colorado is striving to be a source of multi-platform journalism developed by dedicated and experienced journalists and thought leaders.

While the effort to develop quality news content is not a new concept, Empowering Colorado is part of a growing group of nonprofit news organizations striving to serve their communities by developing journalism content under cutting-edge funding models that draw revenue beyond the traditional advertiser-supported framework.

Whether through subscriptions, workshops and events, speaking engagements, corporate content development or advertising, Empowering Colorado is constantly working to develop the revenue resources that allow it to produce a quality, independent news product in accordance with the strictest standards and ethics of journalism.

To ensure this high standard, Empowering Colorado seeks funding from a broad range of donors, foundations and corporations across a wide array of interests tied directly or indirectly to energy and/or journalism.  We believe maintaining a diverse donor portfolio is the only way to ensure our reporting is conducted with the fairness and objectivity required of an unbiased news organization.

Some of the energy industry’s leading corporate communicators, all of whom are former journalists, say the industry and the citizenry of Colorado have much to gain from the quality energy journalism produced by Empowering Colorado.

“We need credible, trusted voices that fairly represent various aspects of energy policy and business to the public. In a time of multiple partisan voices and traditional news outlets struggling to survive, citizens are in desperate need of fact-based information.
I support Empowering Colorado’s mission.” — Doug Hock, Director of Media Relations, Oil and Gas Industry— Read More

“While I have a responsibility to act in the best interests of my company and industry, we find that we spend as much time combating the “facts” of paid-for stories as we do working with journalists to develop fair and unbiased coverage of issues. It is in this reality that we find the concept of Empowering Colorado to be so important, and perhaps a hope for the future of journalism and society.” — Mark Stutz, Media Spokesperson, Utility Industry — Read More

“Journalism as we knew it, with two competing metro daily newspapers in Denver, each with its own energy reporter, is not coming back. But the role it played in informing the public and political discourse is as necessary as ever. And, so, here comes Empowering Colorado to make use of newer communication platforms and tools to inform and contribute to the conversation on energy in a place where the all elements of the debate – environmental and economic – are represented.” — George Douglas, Former Manager of Public Affairs, National Renewable Energy Laboratory — Read More

Colorado’s political leaders have also weighed in on the importance of journalism and the need to support local journalism endeavors.

“WHEREAS, strong local journalism is essential for democracy where it is closest to the people…the Council of the City and County of Denver strongly urges media owners and publishers to provide their journalists with all of the resources necessary to carrying out their essential role in civic debate and discourse. “ — Proclamation No. 17-0604 — Affirming the Vital Importance of Journalism in Denver Civic Life — Read More

“There are plenty of entities publishing half-truths and agenda-setting noise. We need news entities…to invest the time, money and resources and make sure we get things right. We can’t afford to lose thoughtfully-produced content that provides civic participation.” — Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on news coverage of energy issues.

From the price of gasoline to the plastics and other petroleum products we rely on in our daily lives to the technological developments in sustainable energy to the jobs that power the economy and tax revenue supporting schools and public safety, Colorado’s energy industry is crucial to the fabric of our state.

Empowering Colorado opens the door to new insight into Colorado’s energy sector and a new understanding and appreciation of the important role it plays in our lives. With stories designed to cut through politics and partisanship, Empowering Colorado will encourage engagement in the all-important energy conversation.

Energy is everywhere. Join the conversation by supporting Empowering Colorado.

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