You have the power to charge, and change, the world

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We hope it’s not lost on you, dear reader, why we named our site “Empowering Colorado.”

We journalists love nothing more than a good play on words. We are an energy news website. EmPOWERing Colorado. Get it?

But beyond the potential for wordplay, this title has another deeper meaning.

Over the past year, we’ve tried to help you feel smarter about energy. We’ve tried to explain how elected officials are working diligently to solve a myriad of energy issues including those related to climate change and an inevitable transition to cleaner fuels. We also hope we’ve given you hope as we’ve shared information about the research and efforts to find and improve new forms of sustainable energy and new methods to power our communities.


You’re empowered, in other words, to understand what we’re facing. And, as a result, you’ve come to understand that you have the power to demand significant, lasting change.

This is no small thing. You’re not only dealing with complicated science and technology, you’re also up against well-funded advocacy efforts and a diminished local media environment struggling to find the resources required to explain complex energy issues.

This is why we hope to continue the work we’re doing. We want to empower Coloradans — and the world beyond our mountains — to engage and participate in the effort to solve the most significant threat we’ve faced since Hitler.

Responding to the impacts of climate change is a monumental task requiring the participation of citizens, policymakers, researchers and businesses. Each will contribute to the effort to locate consistent, affordable, renewable forms of energy and develop distribution methods that won’t continue to threaten our existence.

No problem this big comes with easy solutions, and demonizing one form of energy over another will only inhibit the effort to power our world.

During the 1970’s the United States endured an energy crisis as imports of foreign oil dried up. Today’s energy crisis is much more insidious. Citizens don’t have as much access to local news developed by experienced energy journalists. The decline in local news has led many to partisan sources of information leading to a range of views on complicated topics. People refuse to wear masks or get a shot — both proven methods to help shut down the greatest health crises of our century. How will they respond to limits on their power supply or calls to sell their gas-powered SUVs, or suggestions they stop eating red meat?

It’s easy to believe there is no solution. But there are too many smart people in the world. We put a man on the moon in 1969, when your phones weren’t even cordless — let alone the complete entertainment systems they are now.

This is where you come in. If you’re one of those smart people, keep at it. If you’re not, use the power of your voice, and your vote, to help those move those changes along. The differences among political parties and the administrations they bring with them to Washington are enormous. You vote can literally change the world.

We will cover the transition to clean, affordable energy from a vantage point that recognizes all forms of energy factor into the ultimate solution. We will also look out for the most vulnerable members of our society to ensure energy policy is developed in a manner that is fair and equitable for everyone.

Along the way, we hope to inform you — and Empower you —to stay informed and change the world when it needs it. We believe it needs it now more than ever.

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Dan England is the editor of Empowering Colorado. He can be reached at

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