A pioneer turns a potent greenhouse gas into our atmospheric ally

A shifted career path put Tom Vessels at the forefront of addressing the monstrous challenge of methane. Photo by Allen Best. Tom Vessels was eulogized last Friday afternoon at the Pavilion at Denver’s City Park. As sunshine streamed in the windows, stories were told about his thirst for adventure, his backpacking trips, his devotion to family, even a ribald tale about something he said at a beer festival. 

Only the briefest allusion was made to what may have been Vessels’ remarkable turn in life. He had followed his father into the business of natural gas.

You have the power to charge, and change, the world

NASA Images/Unsplash

We hope it’s not lost on you, dear reader, why we named our site “Empowering Colorado.”  

We journalists love nothing more than a good play on words. We are an energy news website. EmPOWERing Colorado. Get it?  

But beyond the potential for wordplay, this title has another deeper meaning. 

Over the past year, we’ve tried to help you feel smarter about energy. We’ve tried to explain how  elected officials are working diligently to solve a myriad of energy issues  including those  related to climate change  and an inevitable transition to cleaner fuels.