Looking to switch to electric lawn care?

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Making the switch from gas to electric lawn equipment can be intimidating. Here are some helpful tips if you decide to give it a try.

  1. Do your research. Consumer Reports and other organizations test the latest models and, frequently these days, electric ends up on top over gas-powered models. But you can also compare electric models for the one that fits you best.

2. Know the names. EGO and Mean Green are two of the biggies in the electric industry. But as Ben Gratton said, “Everyone is hopping on the battery bandwagon these days.” Companies like Black and Decker, Toro and DeWalt are offering residential options as well.

3. Cord or not. Early electric lawnmowers were mostly the plug-in variety with long cords. Today, batteries give more freedom without the tradeoff of power. However, corded mowers are significantly cheaper, so if you have a small yard, it may be the way to go. Also, when making cost comparisons, make sure the battery is included in the cost of the electric because some sites add that charge on and it can be as much or more than the rest of the lawnmower.

4. Use the same brand. Most of the companies that make electric lawnmowers also make electric trimmers, edgers, blowers and more. And most of them use the same batteries. So, buying everything from one company makes the most sense. Look for deals. Air quality groups offer deals like the Regional Air Quality Council’s Mow Down Pollutionprogram, whichoffers $150 vouchers topeople who choose to recycle and replace their gas-powered lawn mowers with rechargeable or corded electric lawn mowersat participating Home Depots.

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