Federal officials say the sky’s the limit in changing energy to solve climate crises

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Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

In the interest of transparency: Empowering Colorado is a media sponsor of the 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium.

In becoming president in 1961, John Kennedy announced an ambition to put a man on a moon. In July 1969, it happened.

That moonshot has since become a metaphor for giant efforts. But that 20th century effort pales in comparison to the challenge now before the United States—and really, all of humanity—by the threat of climate change.

Climate scientists say we must substantially decarbonize our economies by 2030. Colorado has set a goal of 50% by 2030. President Biden has embraced a similar goal of 50% to 52%. But also consider that we’re just months from having a president who called climate change a hoax.

U.S. Rep Joe Neguse

In the concluding session of the21st Century Energy Transition Symposiumheld on May 4-5, Martin Keller, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse, a Democrat who represents a broad swath of the northern Front Range, were mostly optimistic.

“Today, it is, in some respects, the difference between night and the day, the work the federal government is doing on the policy front,” said Neguse.

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