Looking to switch to electric lawn care?

Making the switch from gas to electric lawn equipment can be intimidating. Here are some helpful tips if you decide to give it a try. Do your research. Consumer Reports and other organizations test the latest models and, frequently these days, electric ends up on top over gas-powered models. But you can also compare electric models for the one that fits you best. 


How eco-friendly is electric lawn care anyway?

Kelly Giard and an employee of his Clean Air Lawn Care in Fort Collins charge his electrical lawn care equipment with solar panels. Giard started his Fort Collins company for customers who wanted to reduce their carbon footprint while caring for their lawn. Electric mowers, blowers, trimmers and edgers have essentially very little greenhouse gas emissions when they run. But does that make them better for the environment? The answer isn’t as easy as you may think. The City of Longmont would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their parks fleet by 90 percent if they were able to switch all their diesel equipment to electric, according to Francie Jaffe, Water Conservation and Sustainability specialist with the city.