Statement of Support for Empowering Colorado from Doug Hock — Director Of Media Relations, Oil and Gas Industry

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March 18, 2017

As a media relations professional in the oil and gas industry, I greatly value a strong, independent media covering the industry. It’s my professional responsibility to act with transparency and honesty in communicating about my company and industry. However, as a party with a vested interest, my credibility is limited. The same holds true for communicators associated with other energy sectors, environmental activists, regulators and public officials. Unfortunately, the public seems to have despaired of finding unbiased third party news sources, instead retreating into the echo chamber of whatever outlet and voice fits their viewpoint.

This isn’t healthy for our democracy. That’s why Empowering Colorado is so important.

We need credible, trusted voices that fairly represent various aspects of energy policy and business to the public. In a time of multiple partisan voices and traditional news outlets struggling to survive, citizens are in desperate need of fact-based information.

I support Empowering Colorado’s mission to “dispel myths, educate consumers, analyze business development and explain environmental impacts — while also providing fair and unbiased coverage of all energy industry segments and the people who impact Colorado’s energy future.”

It serves a vital purpose and should be strongly supported by all of us with a stake in the energy industry in Colorado.


Doug Hock
Director of Media Relations

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