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Energy is complex. Journalism is complex. Until now. Empowering Colorado is here to simplify the complex — and make energy information accessible, clear and interesting. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit journalism project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, Empowering Colorado is dedicated to providing independent, unbiased news coverage of all facets of energy development. No politics, just facts about energy development delivered directly to more than 4,000 inboxes.  

We do the hard work so our readers – Colorado residents, business leaders, researchers and public policymakers – can be knowledgeable about the science, economic impacts and public policy issues that impact our lives. We do the work so you don’t have to mine for data or push past political biases inherent in advocacy-oriented energy information.  

We are part of Colorado’s changing media landscape and represent a trend in forward-thinking journalism born out of the changing business models impacting traditional media.  Empowering Colorado is the state’s pulse for all things related to energy development.  

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